Top 5 "Purrfect" Cat themed Accessories

Top 5 "Purrfect" Cat themed Accessories

Top 5 "Purrfect" Cat themed Accessories

1. Adorable Color Changing Cat Night Lamp

This cute Kitty Cat night lamp will stay by your side and bring brightness, warmth and happiness. There are two ways to interact with Kitten. You can change the light color by tapping on poking on it. Recharging takes approximately 3 hours.

2. Cat Mug

 Nothing says »a Purrfect Morning« quite like starting your day off with a hot cup of coffee in the company of a cute kitty-cat!
Introducing your new favorite coffee mug! This Adorable Cat Mugs says »I love coffee« and »I love kittens« all in one purrfect package!
»Nine lives« design also resists chipping, staining and breaking, so you get to keep your favorite Cat Mug even longer.
Link: Cat Mug

3. Cute Kitty Earrings

4. Adorable Cat Backpack

Do you Love Cats? If answer is yes, this adorable cat backpack is just for you! This high-quality backpack is the perfect accessory for anyone. Plenty of room to carry your favorite things with adjustable straps for comfort and easy of wearing. 

5. Moon Kitty Necklace

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