Top 10 Cutest Animal Jewelry that will make you go "Aww"

Top 10 Cutest Animal Jewelry that will make you go "Aww"

Top 10 Cutest Animal Jewelry that will make you go "Aww"

1. Hanging Sloth Necklace

 This Necklace presents a lazy sloth hitchin' a ride on your neck. It is a reminder that sometimes in life we should just take it slow, enjoy the moment and not care if people think we're lazy. 

2. Honey Bee Necklace

Create a buzz with this adorable gold and silver honey bee charm necklace. It's ideal for everyday wear and would make a great gift.

3. Nine Tail Fox Necklace

This adorable sterling silver fox necklace has been inspired by the wonders of the forest and the wildlife that make it their home. It is just so much fun to wear! It makes the perfect gift for women of all ages, ideal for those who love nature and appreciate its beauty, a perfectly playful day-to-day piece.

4. Tiny Cute Koala Bear Necklaces

 There’s nothing cuter than a koala – unless it’s this cute koala necklace!

5. Glow in the Dark Penguin Necklaces

Truly eye-catching pendent Penguin Necklace that Glows in the dark after short exposure to direct sun or lamp light.

6. Pteranodon Necklace

Make your Jurassic mark with this beautiful Dinosaur Necklace. This gorgeous little dinosaur necklace features a tiny Gold & Silver Pteranodon, hanging on a delicate 16″ chain. 

Link: Pteranodon Necklace 

7. Bunny Necklace

Welcome to a tiny patch of grass taken over by magic spells, somewhere between dreams and reality. Lovely Silver & Gold  Rabbit  Necklace is perfect for anyone who likes to 'hop' around the world like a bunny.

Link: Bunny necklace 


8. Turtle Necklace

Who doesn't admire the calm of Turtles? Well, now you can carry an elegant turtle everywhere you go, while at the same time you display your support and love for this unique animal.

Link: Turtle Necklace 


9. Cute Kitty Earrings

Link: Cute Kitty Earrings 

10. Whale Family Necklace

Make a wish and put it on your necklace. The Whale is the most doting mother in the ocean, a symbol of loyalty and love. Wear you necklace as a reminder to keep your family close as you navigate thru the waters of life.

Link: Whale Family Necklace 

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