Best of Wood Series 2017

Best of Wood Series 2017

Wood Wear

Wooden accessories have become more refined in recent years than ever before. Wood started appearing on everything from belts to rings, but we would all agree that it looks best on Watches & Sunglasses. 
The product listed are all made out of 100% natural wood, but It also needs some help from other materials. It's hard to create the mechanics of movement or hinges without metal as well, so, no, you're not wearing 100 percent wooden product. But what wood lacks in flexibility it makes up for in visual appeal. Blending two grains creates contrast that will be a great addition to your look as the weather cools.
Wooden product are not known to be a part of your diving & swimming equipment, but these are designed to handle a bit of light water contact. The companys say the cases are waterproof, but submerging the band could cause expansion in the wood. For upkeep, simple cleaning and maintaining with a bit of oil keeps the sheen. "Wearing it on your wrist over time, it will absorb the natural oils from your body."

Wooden Sunglasses:

All sunglasses on this list share the same specifications. They are made out of lightweight wood which offers a comfortable fit that is durable and sturdy at the same time. The lenses are specially designed so that they are both dark and polarized, offering 100% UVA/UVB protection even in intense lighting conditions. These sunglasses are stylish, durable, and natural. Each pair includes a carrying case and cleaning cloth.

1. Brown Retro Wooden Sunglasses

2. Vintage Wooden Sunglasses

3. Summer Wooden Sunglasses


Wooden Watches:

Wooden watches on this list are all handmade. This watches are not novelty items but high quality watches designed for their modern and stylish look. All of the wood that is used in manufacture process comes from sustainable sources. Every watch is water resistant, but i would not risk any damage by going into the water with them.


1. Luxury Wooden Watch

2. All Bamboo Wood Wrist Watch

Link: All Bamboo Wood Wrist Watch


3. Turquoise Leather Wood Watch

Link: Turquoise Leather Wood Watch

How It's Made

Don’t you love to see how usually plastic & metal things are produced from wood? 

Wooden sunglasses & watches are usually either fully hand-crafted or machine cut and hand-finished. There are a few masters in the world who keep the production cycle completely hand made, they create their pieces on demand and they can be quite costly. All manufacturers have their preferred ways of picking the best wood for producing wooden products. Some of the companies get their wood "from furniture factories where the pieces are too small to make another piece of furniture," and and it's a resource-saving process.



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