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Best of Wood Series 2017

Wood Wear Wooden accessories have become more refined in recent years than ever before. Wood started appearing on everything from belts to rings, but we would all agree that it looks best on Watches & Sunglasses.  The product listed are all made out of 100% natural wood, but It also needs some help from other materials. It's hard to create the mechanics of movement or hinges without metal as well, so, no, you're not wearing 100 percent wooden product. But what wood lacks in flexibility it makes up for in visual appeal. Blending two grains creates contrast that will be a great addition to your look as the weather cools. Handling Wooden product are not known to be a part...

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Top 5 "Purrfect" Cat themed Accessories

1. Adorable Color Changing Cat Night Lamp This cute Kitty Cat night lamp will stay by your side and bring brightness, warmth and happiness. There are two ways to interact with Kitten. You can change the light color by tapping on poking on it. Recharging takes approximately 3 hours. Link: Adorable Color Changing Cat Night Lamp 2. Cat Mug  Nothing says »a Purrfect Morning« quite like starting your day off with a hot cup of coffee in the company of a cute kitty-cat! Introducing your new favorite coffee mug! This Adorable Cat Mugs says »I love coffee« and »I love kittens« all in one purrfect package! »Nine lives« design also resists chipping, staining and breaking, so you get to keep your favorite Cat...

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Top 10 Cutest Animal Jewelry that will make you go "Aww"

1. Hanging Sloth Necklace  This Necklace presents a lazy sloth hitchin' a ride on your neck. It is a reminder that sometimes in life we should just take it slow, enjoy the moment and not care if people think we're lazy.  Link: Hanging Sloth Necklace  2. Honey Bee Necklace Create a buzz with this adorable gold and silver honey bee charm necklace. It's ideal for everyday wear and would make a great gift. Link: Honey Bee Necklace  3. Nine Tail Fox Necklace This adorable sterling silver fox necklace has been inspired by the wonders of the forest and the wildlife that make it their home. It is just so much fun to wear! It makes the perfect gift for women of all ages, ideal for those...

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