Tips on Jewelry Handling

Tips on Jewelry Handling

Jewelry is always a symbol of beauty, women's charm, and wealth. Several Jewelry products are women's favorite since long. Women are always eager to add new products into their existing jewelry collection. However, increasing jewelry product count in your collection is not important. The important thing is to understand the importance of your jewelry, to know about their proper handling, maintenance, and timely cleaning.

There are few handy tips regarding handling of jewelry:

1.Respect the preciousness of your jewelry. Never wear jewelry when doing household works, like cleaning, cooking or gardening. Wear jewelry for proper occasions or celebrations, which are special for you.

2.Avoid any kind of chemical contact with your jewelry. Your nail polish removers, perfumes, hairspray, and other cosmetics can be harmful for jewelry due to presence of chemicals. These chemical can reduce your jewelry shining caused by polishing.

3.When not in use, place your jewelry items in the boxes or cases specially made for them, which are provided by your jewelry manufactures at the time of buying jewelry.

4.Clean your jewelry at a regular time interval. This will keep your jewelry items clean, shining, and always new. Ask your manufacturer for a proper cleaning solution for your jewelry. They will provide you cleaners, but not all jewelry products should be cleaned with same cleaner. It depends upon jewelry type. Diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry, and gold jewelry all are having different natures, so different cleaners should be used to clean them.

5.Avoid wearing jewelry when swimming in a pool. The chlorine in pool water can be harmful for your jewelry.

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